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Monthly challenge - Rising

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Aug. 24th, 2008 | 12:54 pm
posted by: karri_kln1671 in sg_metaverse

padawan_aneiki suggested a What if? Challenge over at Shep's Atlantis, and I thought that fit better over there, so... It is going to be a monthly challenge. (For this first one, you get an extra week.)

The length requirement will always be a min of 200 words and a max of 5000 words. (I won't be counting words -- if it's finished and ready to post by the deadline, it can be as many words as you want, but one-shots or chapter fics of less than 5 chapters are preferred.)

The challenge: What if Weir had not sent Sheppard to Athos with Sumner? (Alternate 'What if...' scenarios for this episode will also be gladly accepted should the official one not rock your socks.)

Deadline: September 30

Next month: Hide & Seek

No WIPs, please! The challenge may be part of a series, but the individual story needs to be complete!

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